Episode 39 – Can’t We All Just Get Along?

This Week on Before And Laughter, we discuss the netflix original documentary “making a murderer, the documentary about Kurt Cobain’s “suicide”, Serial podcast, we also go into breaking bad and if you had to do that in real life, and we go into a great debate about woman’s and men’s household responsibilities! HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!

Episode 37 – The Interview and SPD’s

This week on Before And Laughter Tommy goes on an interview where he has no idea what he’s interviewing for, Frank tells us about common house hold items women can use for self pleasuring devices of SPD’s, We talk about the energy company that gave 100k bonus to all employee’s for performance, and wrap it up with a nice song for you to listen to while listening to us listening to it. WRITE A REVIEW ON ITUNES!

Episode 36 – Fantasy Nightmare’s With David Nikac

The week on Before And Laughter we are joined by special guest David Nikac. David is a Bjj practitioner with a blue belt, as well as a assistant to a physical therapist. We get into why david decided to practice Jiu Jitsu, our greatest fantasy triumphs as well as failures, Zeitgeist moving forward and some Ball Busting! Don’t forget to write a review on iTunes! Thanks for listening!

Episode 35 – Dude Where’s My Hairline?

This week on Before And Laughter we explore the ever expanding real estate on Franky’s Forehead, What famous guys Franky thinks are hot, Tommy’s failed rap career, fantasy football, meeting celebrities, and our fucking hot route fantasy picks! Go Fuck Yourself after listening! Hope you enjoy!

Episode 34 – Don’t Get Bullied Bro

This week on Before And Laughter Podcast: The Tuskegee Study, would you do the same? Frank and I go over the 22 tricks they don’t want you to know so you don’t get robbed. We want to talk about locker room etiquette, the do’s and dont’s. What is going on in football? Chip kelly is a piece of monkey shit. Happy Frank’s Giving! Thanks for listening!

Episode 33 – You knocked him down, why don’t your try knocking me down

This week we start the show with a shout out to Instructor Mike Davila from Bronx Martial Arts Academy for winning the 155lb Finishers sub-only division Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament. Rhonda Rousey dead? Boxing beating Judo, is Rocky 5 the best one? Paris Terrorist attacks and a interesting report from reporter Waleed Aly of a Australian news outlet, Frank and I try our handf at football commentary and make our fantasy football week 11 picks! Thanks for listening!

Episode 32 – Frank’s Nightmare

This episode Frank spins yarn about his terrible nightmare. I interpret the dream as him being homosexual, he disagrees. We watch a video of a man calling out welfare recipients using their welfare card to buy groceries while buying scratch offs with cash and driving a Lexus. We debate the value of art in many forms, We argue about going out, and we make our fantasy picks for the week. Stay tuned! Thanks for listening! Enjoy!

Episode 28 – I Went Camping With 10,000 People To Listen To Shitty Music = TomorrowLand. With Lilliana Vushaj-Gjocaj

This week we have special guest Lilliana Vushaj-Gjocaj. We Start off With some music videos from rapper Lil Dicky. Then we move on to Franky’s electronic dance music festival tomorrow land where he had a terrible time. We also talk about fat people wearing skinny people’s clothing. We then watch some comedy skits from comedians we love, and argue over adults who go out every weekend. Thank You! Hope you Enjoy! Don’t forget to like and review on Itunes!

Episode 27 – Anal Disembowelment

This Episode we start out with a tribute to the great Yogi Berra, then we get into the man in Florida that was charged with killing his girlfriend and then disemboweling her, Franky apparently thought it was through fisting her. Next is Chipotle and their ridiculous wait time for online orders and shitty restaurants in general. Now I love Chipotle as much as the next person, but one hour wait for a burrito!? Come on! Last but not least is our Fantasy Talk and our fantasy showdown where we pick four players that we think will perform and the winner for the week gets to change the others team name! Thanks for listening!

Episode 26 – What’s Your Codename?

This week we listen to a prank phone call about John Cena and pro wrestling, we talk about fantasy football and possible waiver wire option, discuss the GOP presidential debate and what stupid answers they gave, the economic and educational state of America and possible changes we can make, and last but not least we give our picks in our fantasy showdown. Hope you enjoy, Thanks for listening!

Episode 25 – 10 Things I Hate About You

This Week we get letters from our girlfriends detailing ten things they hate about us and we should change. We didn’t see the letters beforehand so its all a surprise for us!. We also have a rebuttal to the girls letters in form a video from a woman about how to treat a man and keep him!. After we touch on some fantasy football talk and start a fantasy weekly bet between us. Each week we pick four football players that we think will score the highest in fantasy and whoever loses has to change their fantasy name to whatever the winner wants for the week!. As always hope you enjoy!

Episode 24 – “I Cant Get Jiggy Wit Dis Shit” With Ghost Dawg

This Week we have special guest is Ghost Dawg, who wishes to remain anonymous.We play a few funny internet videos that make us laugh, we talk about fantasy football, we also debate the celebrity of Neil Degrasse Tyson, Ice Cube and NWA, Which Animal do you find the sexiest and would you sleep with? Would you have sex with your cousin? and much much more! Thanks for listening!

Episode 23 – “He wants it…Dum Dum…….He needs it”

This episode we talk about Franks wedding weekend bonanza, The gay rapper prank, we plant nod analyze a masterpiece from the artist know as Gangsta Fag, The fraternity at Old Dominion college and their offensive banners, what we think the reason for the hijab is on the islamic society, the right to bear arms and much more! Please don’t hesitate to contact us on social media and remember to review the podcast on whichever application you listen to it on! Thank You!

Episode 22 – Calm The Fuck Down!

This Episode we talk about Facebook beef Franky had because of posting a meme of a man cooking because this generations mothers didn’t teach them. We also talk about what famous person in history we would be, and finally we discuss a few documentaries tommy recently watched about nuclear power and why its the cleanest and most renewable energy source and a documentary about space-time! Hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to write a review on iTunes!

Episode 21 – Lez Be Honest With Aliza Saez

This week on the podcast we get to chill with a real life lesbian and great friend Aliza Saez. Being that we really know nothing about homosexuality we explore all the questions we have regarding when she realized she was gay, does she do the scissor style like in pornos, different personalities of different lesbians, the way society perceives gay people, the difficulties she faces daily, coming out to her family and friends, and much more. special thanks to Aliza for being a guest on our show and not holding back! Hope everyone enjoys!

Episode 20 – Leave her Gaping With Joe Procelli

This week we are joined by Joe Procelli from The Creepy Corner Podcast, which you can also download on iTunes. Joe is a court officer as well as a comedian. Joe shares his story of Kelly Brains, and we discuss gaping holes, females obsessed with male celebrities, podcasting trials and tribulations and so much more! A big thanks to Joe for appearing on this episode! We hope you enjoy! Please feel free to contact us through our various social media outlets and email address, don’t forget to review on iTunes!

A…..Father’s Day

This Episode we are honoring our father for fathers day. Gjeto Vushaj is a Albanian American immigrant who escaped from communist Albania in 1974. Gjeto is one of the funniest people we have had the pleasure of knowing and his story is one of suffering, enduring,working,laughing,and happiness. We are honored to know him and have him on the podcast. We hope you enjoy! Happy fathers day to all the great dads out there!

Episode 12 – The Rusty Traveler

This episode we have a special guest Russel Briscoe Rusty Traveler on Instagram. Russ Gave up a successful career at dell to travel the world and live life his way. Russ is a great friend, in this episode we talk about some of his adventures traveling, humanity, success, we review the movie ghost dog, and makes jokes! We hope you enjoy!

Episode 11 Runaway Model – Jacqueline Sposito

on this episode we have the pleasure of talking to jacqueline sposito who’s is a professional model and Student. We talk about modeling, some of the misconceptions about the modeling world. Jackie also shares some of her encounters with the likes of Chris Brown, Jim Norton and many more celebrities. We also play the question game of witch vudoo where jackie reads statements and guesses who did it! Very exciting episode!

Episode 9

This episode we talk about tyrone, bane from batman, mens private parts, women’s hehooos, we do a commentary on matrix scenes, and debate who is the best rapper ever. And much more!!!!!!

Episode 8 Lilly Bag a Doughnuts

This episode we have Lilliana Vushaj Gjocaj. She is a brand boss working in the property management. Lilliana is also our sister. we touch on all female cast of the new ghostbusters, picking up women in bars, feminism. We also do a question section and so much more!
Don’t forget to like us on facebook, instagram, and twitter. You can also ask us questions by reaching out on social media and we will answer them on the podcast and shout you out! Happy Memorial day and thank you to all the servicemen and women who sacrifice so much so we can live safe!

Episode 1

Welcome to the before and laughter podcast with Frank and Tom Vushaj. Two brothers on a mission to make people laugh and think! Were from New York City and are Albanian American. We love long walks on the beach and……. oooops wrong summary. Enjoy!